08 Aug 2021

Andy Cruz gives Cuba their fourth boxing gold medal

Cuba’s Andy Cruz on the final day of the Tokyo Olympics has made the nation proud by beating US lightweight Keyshawn Davis 4:1 in the final match to give Cuba their fourth boxing gold medal. At the Kokugikan Arena Cruz cruised to a win over Davis for the fourth consecutive time, Davis did put up a good fight in the third round, when with his skills he swept all five Judges’ cards in his favor. Cruz after losing the third round became a man possessed to take the gold, both the athletes then displayed their hand speed and athleticism and in the end, Cruz’s technical skills then impressed the judges.

As the two-time Olympic gold medalist Cruz joins the exclusive club of  Roniel Iglesias, Arlen Lopez, and Julio Cesar La Cruz in Tokyo. Hovhannes Bachkov of Armenia and Harry Garside of Australia won the lightweight bronze.