08 Aug 2021

US gets their first Gold in women’s volleyball

The United States gets its hands on the first Olympics gold medal in women’s volleyball in Tokyo since the event was introduced at the Games in 1964. The US went on to defeat Brazil in three straight sets to finish first. In the past US had managed to bag three silver medals and two bronze in the event, which is the most medal by any country in the sport. They can now proudly add the gold to the tally as well. The US took the first set by 25-21, Brazil then tried to force a comeback in the second set but the US again put it to rest with 25-20 then in the third set US sealed the win easily with 25-14.

Americans avenged their final match losses in 2008 and 2012 in Tokyo by beating Brazil. U.S. coach Karch Kiraly now joins China’s Lang Ping as the second person in the world to have won gold as a player and then lead the country to gold as well.